Art & Graphic Design by Joe Orsak

A comic strip from the Syracuse New Times
After 18 years since the last episode of Captain 'Cuse I returned to drawing a weekly comic strip.  This time I was working with writer Doug Brode to tell the adventures of Shirra the She-Wolf and Pettie Beige.  The strip ran in the Syracuse New Times from September 2008 through January of 2009.  I had to put the strip aside because Doug and I are working on a graphic novel and there just isn't enough time to do both projects.  Maybe some day Shirra and Pettie will return.

I have now added all the episodes of SALT CITY from my archives. I hope to get the time after my graphic novels to rework the first story arc and turn it into a comic book format with new artwork added.

This 11 x 14" poster, signed by both Doug Brode and Joe Orsak, is available directly from me for only $5.00 at my SQUARE MARKET site.







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